The Parkdale Revolutionary Duo @ Celeste’s Art Show (the Tranzac, November 7 2009)

Kristin and I played some voice+piano versions of Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra songs (and some covers) at the opening party for Celeste Gillis’ art show at the Tranzac. Our mysterious friend Alan R. took a photo:

Kristin and I playing at the Tranzac

It was a good show – crowded and noisy, but a lot of fun. Since I don’t play the piano very often these days I’m finding that I really enjoy it when I do. Kristin was – as always – a nuisance to rehearse with: always complaining that I don’t know the songs properly. But the problem is that it’s only fun for me to play when I don’t know the material perfectly well… it’s more of an adventure when you know that you’re going to be making a lot of stuff up as you go!

Here’s a few of my favourites from this show:

Only the Sun:

Driving Me Backwards (Brian Eno):

The Day the Planes All Stopped (Chris Warren):

The Stars of Reality TV:

Impostor (Karl Mohr):

Letter From London:

Congratulations on the great art show Celeste – and thanks for inviting us!


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4 Responses to “The Parkdale Revolutionary Duo @ Celeste’s Art Show (the Tranzac, November 7 2009)”

  1. Celeste Says:

    Sweet post Ben, thanks.. you guys were awesome and I really appreciate your joining me for this special night.


    I’m slightly nervous now knowing that someone was standing beside me with a tape recorder while I was drunk amongst all of my friends, family and often self-navigating big mouth. Should I be listening to these?? haha.

  2. Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip Says:

    I didn’t notice anything ugly or revealing in the background… lots of weird little out-of-context phrases though.

  3. Dave Says:

    Maybe you can write a thing, call it “The Art Show” and use the little snippets as the text.

  4. A quick note « Scintillator Says:

    […] then, go to Ben’s blog and listen to some clips from the show we did last Saturday, at which I most likely caught the […]

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